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LUMA Projection Arts Festival


Walk down one street and the building beside you transforms into a dark, foreboding forest, the Corinthian columns morphing to gnarled, rain soaked trees as Little Red searches desperately for grandma. Turn the corner and towering above you, what was once a serene, stately bank is now under attack by an impossibly large lizard, smashing windows and scampering inside to look for lunch. Across the street, graceful, otherworldly ballet dancers, hang impossibly off the second story surrounded by a crackling energy that responds in real time to a live orchestra. You’ve arrived at LUMA. It’s the country’s premiere projection mapping festival--a weekend that celebrates this emerging technology as an immersive storytelling experience. We transform a small city in Upstate New York into an enormous outdoor art gallery full of color, light and sound. All you need is a sense of wonder and and the willingness to let your imagination run wild. This year, LUMA is proud to present 5 entirely new major features in Downtown Binghamton and a full weekend of additional sights and sounds produced by the city’s world-class cultural institutions. Rain date: September 8

Visit Binghamton
  • Five South College Drive, Suite 102
  • Binghamton, NY 13905