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Maple Sugar Festival & Pancake Breakfast

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  • Enjoy fresh air and delicious aroma of simmering syrup with the whole family. Set off into the woods in search of sweet adventure along the Maple History Trail. As you hike through the sugar bush you'll see trees tapped with modern plastic tubing, metal spiles and wooden wedges. Stops along the trail demonstrate sap collection and sugaring methods from the earliest settlers to the present day. Learn fun trivia about sugar maples and how to identify them. Become a pro at selecting trees for tapping, then try your hand using sugaring tools that evolved throughout the 19th century in concert with new technologies. Feel what it was like to hike through the snow and manage sap buckets on a shoulder yoke.

    Explore our NEW sugarhouse! Amid billows of steam our modern evaporator boils down clear, sweetish maple sap into thick, amber maple syrup. Stick around for a complimentary taste treat – sugar on snow – or stop by the Nature Center for delicious maple cotton candy ($). Then, warm up in the Meeting Center with Native American tales of the origin of maple sap and sugaring with storytellers Ronnie Reitter and Tonia Loran-Galban. Head out to the Historic Village and meet the tinsmith and the cooper who crafted the buckets, spiles and troughs used to catch sap, see the art of making tallow candles at the MacKay House, watch as trees are tapped live (timed throughout the day), taste the delicious 19th-century dishes made with the treasure of our New York forests, enjoy refreshments at the historic Hosmer's Inn Tavern and more!

Genesee Country Village & Museum
  • 1410 Flint Hill Rd
  • Mumford, NY 14511