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Meet and Greet at Perrine's Covered Bridge


The NYS Covered Bridge Society is hosting a meet and greet at the Perrine's Covered Bridge in Ulster County on October 8-10, 2022. The Society will have displays, handouts and trinkets for sale or give a way. Wayne Marshfield, Linda Schott, and Ron Knapp will be attendance to answer questions regarding the history of Perrine's covered bridge. Perrine's Covered Bridge was originally built in 1821 and was modified and restored a number of times, but is structurally the same as when built. The wooden Covered Bridge is 154' in length, crossing the Wallkill River and displays a Burr Arch truss. Rosencrans Wood, the builder lived nearby. The bridge was named after James Perrine (1801-1860), owner of a nearby farm, son of a French immigrant James Perrine and Huguenot descendent Catherine Freer. The bridge was made out of locally available raw materials, mostly local lumber, including the Burr arches made out of White Pine trees. The bridge neatly fits into the historic community of which it sets.

Perrine's Covered Bridge
  • Junction of State Route 32 and Route 213
  • Rifton, NY 12471