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Mike Armando - Live at The Stephen Talkhouse

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  • Mike Armando was the guitarist for Screamin Jay Hawkins. Screamin Jay and his R&B band unlike any on earth. When they performed, madness took place. Screamin Jay's big hit, “I Put A Spell on You” was one of Jay's biggest hits. It all started for Mike when Screamn Jay Hawkins needed a guitarist. Mike joined his band after receiving a call from MCA Records Music Director Robert Cutarilla . Mike played many years with Screamin Jay Hawkins and toured with Jay. Mike also released his first LP album on the MJA record label, Half Steppen whcih was rated one of the top ten records in Bill Board Magazine radio play list. Mike has recorded with drumming great Bob Moses. He has performed on radio and TV stations across the country. WOWI Radio music director Larry Dinger, Norfolk, Va. held many events at the station where Mike performed live. Mike has performed live events at WPKN, Jazz Adventures with radio host Phil Bowler in Bridgeport, CT. Mike Armando recordings on the mja Record label have been played throughout the USA and in Europe.