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Native Plants in Urban, Suburban & Rural Landscapes

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  • How can you help the environment from the comfort of your own garden? Find out at the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge during their presentation on Environmental Sustainability through Native Plants. Habitat loss from destruction, fragmentation and degradation is a threat the native flora and fauna. Gardeners in urban, suburban and rural residential communities are uniquely suited to providing pockets of biodiversity to provide long term environmental sustainability. Native varietals of plants, bushes and trees -locally sourced – provides the best chances for success. Join other local gardeners in learning about how to do your part in environmental sustainability through this interesting and applicable presentation. The presentation will take place at the INWR Visitor Center. Registration is required for this event- please call the INWR Visitor Center to register.

Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge
  • 1101 Casey Rd
  • Basom, NY 14013