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Nature & Landscape Painting

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  • Have you ever wondered why we have moths or bats? Did you know we need them for a healthy ecosystem? Find out why these creepy creatures are actually our friends and why they are so cool in their uniqueness! Moths: Learn about the duties of moths and why we need them! You'll have a newfound respect and love for this night butterflies when the night is done. Contact Toby M. with any questions on this event. Bats: View a presentation on bats and learn why they are so special and awesome, learn about threats they are facing and hear about the bat friends that WildCare of Western New York have taken care of in rehabilitation and see photos of that journey. Then, listen for bats with a bat detector and hear their echolocation calls! Contact Karen S. with any questions on this event. Astronomy: All of us are obsessed with the sky- we gaze with wonder and excitement at the giant painting overhead. Learn about all the tiny lights that fill it! Contact Jerold B. with questions on this event. Learn all about the insects that flutter in the night, the nocturnal mammals that fly and the bright lights that fall from the sky- all in one super cool event!

Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge
  • 1101 Casey Rd
  • Basom, NY 14013