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NY Fit Fest

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  • NY Fit Fest brings together the “Best of the Best” and the latest trends in fitness, wellness and beauty!
    When you purchase a ticket to NY Fit Fest, be assured the vendors, sponsors, ambassadors and instructors have been handpicked for their reputations of excellence. Build your own day of fitness and pick and choose what’s right for YOU.

    Grab your friends and unplug from the daily grind! Fit-cations are the new party vacations without the hangover. The next time you see that destination retreat on the travel channel, don’t fret, NY Fit Fest is available in your own backyard!  With Beauty, wellness and fitness in mind, you can relax, learn or burn and treat yourself to an adventurous trip 35 minutes from the Big City to an Oceanfront Paradise in Long Beach NY. Whether you’re a yogi, cyclist, bootcamp enthusiast, inspiring pole dancer, beauty fanatic, food lover or avid spa-goer, there’s something for everyone. You’ll always have the comfort of your routine at home, so use this fit-cation experience to take unique workouts you’ve been dying to try!

    All fitness levels and ages welcome!