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NY Gypsy All Stars


The New York Gypsy All Stars jump the turnstiles of Balkanalia, Turkish roots, and Gypsy soul with funky refinement. The All Stars unite musical virtuosi raised on the lush sounds of Macedonian, Greek, Turkish, and American roots and forged in the halls of the world’s best music schools. With composerly ears and a madcap relish for ill and crunky sounds, the quintet of crack musicians tears through the toll gates, separating the region’s interlocking roots. Alongside degrees from places like Juilliard and Berklee, the All Stars grew up jamming with local roots musicians or defiantly attacking traditional zithers with their bare fingers, getting into Latin jazz or bringing the funk. It’s in playing and improvising together—often for marathon sessions or ecstatic crowds from the Black Sea to Brooklyn—that the All Stars have honed their repertoire over the many years it’s taken the strong-willed, devoted musicians to craft and record their album of all original pieces, Romantech.