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NY Self Guided Tour at Rolling Hills Asylum


Overview on the history and haunting of Rolling Hills Asylum including a video presentation providing highlights of the property featuring the years 1827 when the property opened as a poor farm/poor house, 1938 when the Genesee County Infirmary was added, and 1974 when the property was re invented as the Genesee County Nursing Home, plus updates on the history from 1974 to current regarding the private owners up and through to my ownership 13 years ago. Following the presentation- a self guided tour through the 60,000 sq. Ft facility will allow guests to roam at their leisure throughout the nearly 100 rooms and reviewing the 30+ history plaques. There will also be RHA crew available on the floors to answer any additional questions. Ages restrictions apply. Click here for more information and calendar of events!

Rolling Hills Asylum
  • 11001 Bethany Center Rd
  • East Bethany, NY 14054