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Orchid Repotting


Join us for an Orchid Repotting Event in partnership with the Niagara Frontier Orchid Society! Bring your orchid with you! Our experts will help repot your plant and give you lots of great advice on how to care for your orchid. There will be growing medium and varied sized pots for sale. Prices will vary but will start around $20 (this includes a new pot, growing medium and orchid repotting by an expert). All proceeds benefit the Niagara Frontier Orchid Society. When to repot an orchid: It's new to your family - Repot right after it blooms! In the spring - Check the bark mix in the spring and repot it if you notice any bark decomposition. Its crowded - Orchids do prefer a small pot and they will start to weave their roots through the growing medium as they grow and will eventually run out of room. The roots will start to push the plant up above the rim of the pot or reach out into the air, looking for room to breathing space. This is a sure sign to provide new accommodations for your plant. The Orchid Repotting Event will take place in the Community Room of the Administration Building on the Botanical Gardens' campus. There is no admission fee, just what you spend on repotting, pots and growing medium. If you just want to stop by to get some advice, we are happy to talk orchids for days!

Buffalo Botanical Gardens
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  • Buffalo, NY 14218