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Party Like it's 1817 on a Brooklyn Barge!

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  • The Heartland Passage Tour is a unique new performance event that will travel on the Erie Canal September 2 – 23 to celebrate the bicentennial of the digging of the canal and demonstrate its cultural and historic impact. At this stop, Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, famous for their fiddle classic “The Lover's Waltz,” will perform at the Waterfront Barge Museum in Brooklyn. This stop also features a performance by Kimball, Canning, Bolt & McClure, presenting the music of traveling troupes along the canal in its heyday, and a screening of Boom and Bust: America’s Journey on the Erie Canal, a short documentary by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Paul Wagner that meditates on the economic cycles along the canal that speak to the fate and promise of the American dream.


Waterfront Museum
  • 290 Conover St
  • Brooklyn, NY 11231