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Patchogue Arts Council • MoCA L.I.


Patchogue Blooms Day 2024 What’s that you may ask? A horticultural event? No. It’s a celebration of Irish author James Joyce’s masterpiece Ulysses published in 1922 and celebrating its 101th birthday this year. Bloomsday has been celebrated in Dublin since 1954 and has been ever expanding to cities and towns around the world.  It occurs annually on June 16 because the entire 640-page novel takes place all on one day: June 16, 1904. On June 16, 1954, poet Patrick Kavanaugh, and journalist-novelist Flan O’Brien with four other compatriots walked and rode in horse-drawn coaches on a pilgrimage through the streets of Dublin stopping at locations depicted in the book.  As the day passed, a home movie captured their increasingly unsteady footing. Since then, it has become a more formal homage to the author and his book. Bloomsdays now often center around individuals (often celebrities) reading excerpts from the famous (once infamous) book, and  Irish musical interludes fill the space between the readings.  In some locales, to mimic the original walk through Dublin, participants may travel from performance space to performance space which hardly by accident often are pubs, taverns, or bars.  Some cities hold marathon readings in theaters. This year PAC•MoCA L.I. in cooperation with Toast Coffeehouse will host the second annual Bloomsday celebration as a fundraiser on June 17 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.  Join us for recitations, musical moments, and good cheer.

Patchogue Arts Council
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