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PTHW at African American Veterans Monument


This Path Through History Weekend visit the African American Veterans Monument - the first in the nation to recognize the contributions of African Americans who have served or are currently serving in all six branches of the military, during war and peace times. African Americans have fought in all 12 of the United States’ military conflicts since the country’s first war, whether voluntarily enlisting or being drafted. The African American Veterans Monument honors the contributions made by all African American Veterans.

The on-site interactive experience includes thirteen interpretive signs (including the introductory sign) one for each significant US conflict, that offer visitors a glimpse into the experiences of African American Veterans throughout history— including storytelling and education. QR codes add audio and visual accompaniments, allowing access to short interpretive videos that enhance visitor experiences via mobile devices. The monument is open daily.

The online exhibition, Stories of War, explores the story of African American military service throughout American history and throughout all branches of the armed forces. Find tales of valor, honor, sacrifice, and courage in the face of discrimination. Learn about figures both known and unknown; from Harriet Tubman to Henry Johnson, from Boston to Fallujah.

Photo Credit: Lauren McGuire

African American Veterans Monument
  • 1 Marine Drive
  • Buffalo, NY 14202