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Raining Poetry in Roxbury

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  • Experience poetry in a whole new way with the Raining Poetry in Roxbury celebration. Raining Poetry in Roxbury 2017 will feature approximately 20 poems stenciled on the sidewalks of Roxbury. This is a fun and unexpected way to expose people to poetry as the poems will not be visible in dry weather. Watering cans will be placed near each poem opening day (and for the three following weekend days). Visitors will walk through town in search of the watering cans, and then sprinkle the water onto the sidewalk to reveal the poems.

    An open-air reception will follow later in the afternoon (3:00-5:00, location to be determined). Participating Poets will be invited to read their works and answer questions from the audience.

Delaware County Tourism
  • 5 1/2 Main St
  • Delhi, NY 13753