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Re-Play: 50 Years of Hip-Hop


New York State is partnering with the Strong Museum to present Re-Play: 50 Years of Hip-Hop Fun is an exploration of the elements of play that are present in the different facets of hip-hop. Starting with the unpacking of hip-hop’s four central tenets--breaking, tagging, MCing, and DJing--the exhibit establishes the creation of the genre as a site of play. The year-long exhibit will explore hip hop’s wide-ranging cultural influences and its emergence as a creative outlet and source of joy, fun, and play amid a period of cultural unrest in New York City. Visitors will be able to connect with hip hop history through artifacts like the dual Technic turntables on that DJs used to spin the genre’s first beats in the 1970s to rapping Mickey Mouse dolls and DJ Barbie Mini Boomboxes that brought hip hop’s influence the main stream and homes across America.

National Museum of Play at The Strong
  • One Manhattan Square
  • Rochester, NY 14607-3998