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Regenerating Place

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  • Join us in learning together how to engage regenerative design and development in the places we shape, using Spillian as a living lab. For over two years, John Boecker has been working with Spillian and its community to understand it as a place of regeneration for both people and the land itself. In this workshop, we will dive deep into the master plan for the 33 acre estate, learning how we can understand its unique identity as we imagine the future of its vision, its historic buildings, its landscape, and its stakeholders. Working in this way awakens a deep and caring sense of place that transforms how we see humans as partners in the ongoing evolution of living systems. Together we can improve the quality of life for all species as we co-create a vision for our built and natural landscapes and our communities by embracing the health of the whole, not just the pieces. For all those who are seeking a holistic way of understanding and implementing design for landscapes, the built environment, and communities. This workshop is a part of Catskills Trout Tales, an innovative regional campaign celebrating the streams, forests, and wildlife of the Catskill mountains.