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Rena Anakwe's Lifting the Ground Up


As part of the Social Sculpture Project, a series of installations by a collective of early career designers and artists curated by Artist-in-Residence Mimi Lien and Itohan Edoloyi across the Lincoln Center campus that examine how cultural spaces perpetuate spatial inequity and how power structures are manifested in physical spaces. Healing takes time and change comes gradually. Lifting the Ground Up is an interactive, durational tribute inspired by the native ecology and original earth that makes up Manhattan. Through measured engagement of land stewardship and communal care, Lifting contributes to Lincoln Center's ongoing efforts to honor the communities of San Juan Hill. This durational project begins on October 7 with an experiential sensory ritual staged by the interdisciplinary audio artist and holistic healer Rena Anakwe in preparation for an ensuing planting ceremony with local students and community residents on the Lincoln Center campus and a subsequent 2024 welcoming event.