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Rhythm of the Dance


Celebrate all things Irish this St. Patrick’s Day with the National Dance Company of Ireland. A musical and dance extravaganza that brings to life the epic history and spirit of the Emerald Isle. It’s more than just a dance performance; it’s a vibrant, cultural experience. Rhythm of the Dance is a thrilling Irish step dancing show that showcases the rich tradition of Irish dance and music. Dancers clad in gorgeous costumes perform complex, synchronized routines that are both a testament to their skill and to the deep-rooted history of Irish dance. Get ready to be treated to a sensory feast of rhythmic stomping, intricate footwork, and impressive acrobatics, all set to live traditional Irish music–the fiddles, flutes, pipes, and drums are sure to transport spectators right into the heart of Ireland.

Staller Center for the Arts
  • Stony Brook University
  • Stony Brook, NY 11794