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Seraphina: The Haunted Trail at Palaia Winery

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  • Experience this atmospheric, narrative-driven haunted trail that is unlike any other Halloween event in history. Visit the picturesque Palaia Winery and meet the supernatural residents that walk the grounds.

    Story Summary:
    "According to legend, the Palaia Winery estate was once home to Longhurst Covenant, a boarding school for orphaned children built by Mistress Theresa Longhurst in 1872. The home was built as a safe house for children who had experienced tragedy as a way to save them from their traumatic pasts.

    In 1892, Longhurst Covenant burned to the ground. The origin of the fire that claimed the lives of Mistress Theresa and her five young wards is still unknown. Many believe that the fire may have been started by the newest addition to the home, Seraphina Harriden, who had arrived just weeks before the fire broke out. Supernatural historians speculate that there may have been something dangerous about Seraphina. Something otherworldly.

    Join our expert tour guides and visit the property where Longhurst Covenant once stood. Many guests have witnessed the spirits of Mistress Theresa Longhurst, Seraphina, and the other school children still wandering the grounds. Do you believe in ghosts?"

Palaia Vineyards
  • 10 Sweet Clover Rd
  • Highland Mills, NY 10930