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Sharon Wilsie - Horse Speak Clinic

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  • Clinic by Sharon Wilsie, best selling author of the book Horse Speak, the equine-human translation guide. This clinic is not just wonderful for horse owners, but for anybody with a love of horses, with a desire to understand them better and to learn a way to communicate with them. Horses communicate with their bodies. Every movement-each twitch of the skin, flare of the nostril, flicker of the eye, swish of the tail-is a gesture laden with meaning. For the most part, we miss, disregard, or misinterpret these signals, which inevitably leads to confusion on the horse's part and frustration on ours. But all this can change now. In this clinic you will learn how to "hear" what horses are really saying, and "talk back" in a language they can understand. Giving you a wonderful opportunity to bond and connect on a deeper level.

Mountain Horse Farm
  • 7520 West Hollow Road
  • Naples, NY 14512