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Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum 2023 Gala


The evening is a tribute to the man who generously shared his passion for the oceans and the natural world with the people of Long Island. As we honor his legacy and promote citizen science, the Museum will continue to incorporate into its STEM and natural-history education programs contemporary issues in marine life, animal welfare, and ecology. This modern direction complements and expands on the current use of his natural history collection. Contribution to this year’s fundraiser enable the Museum to continue its ongoing education efforts and to support its K-12 and lifelong learning programs, lectures, and workshops. To complement the celebration, guests at the gala will experience the role art serves in societal discussions about conservation. Guests are invited to view the Museum’s first outdoor exhibition, Wrought Taxonomies, installed on the estate grounds. Wendy Klemperer, a nationally renowned artist, is exhibiting large-scale sculptures that depict her lifelong fascination with animals and nature.

Vanderbilt Museum & Reichert Planetarium
  • 180 Little Neck Road
  • Centerport, NY 11721