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Sugaring Off Party

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  • Just as the change of season transforms our landscape, so too the sugar bush’s harvest of clear, sweetish sap has become the amber ambrosia of maple syrup. Indulge yourself in the exuberance and bounties of this culmination of the maple sugaring season. Join us at our Sugaring Off Party! We'll be celebrating with music, spirits, food, games and more.

    Warm yourself fireside with our signature cocktails that combines the delicate complexity of golden maple syrup with the finest spirits (cash bar). A sampling of local breweries will also be on-site offering complimentary tastings of their latest concoctions. Revel with your favorite date amid the music of The Brothers Blue – a fresh hybrid of Country, Bluegrass, Cajun and Irish traditions. Share the evening with old friends and new as you team up for serious maple trivia (Vermonters and Canadians - we dare you to bring your best sugaring game). Remember, if you’re interested in some sweet prizes, you’ll have to take up the challenge. Try winning souvenir apparel by testing your maple knowledge at our History of Maple Sugaring exhibit. And take time out from the rollicking entertainment with a scrumptious self-serve baked potato bar. Choose from an array of standard toppings, as well as our chef’s maple-inspired gourmet garnishes. Give the night that sweet finish with maple-icious desserts.

Genesee Country Village & Museum
  • 1410 Flint Hill Rd
  • Mumford, NY 14511