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Sunset Bay Walleye Shoot Out


The Sunset Bay Walleye Shoot Out is a professional walleye fishing tournament. It is is the highest paying walleye tournament on all of the Great Lakes. The live, interactive, state-of-the-art weigh-in show is right on the beach. Come see anglers from more than 14 states and two countries who have come to Chautauqua County to compete! The shoot out is at 7 am on July 18th. The fishing fleet is required to return back to the pier heads by 3:30, the weigh-in show will begin at 5 pm at Cabana Sam’s. Even if you’re not fishing we welcome you down to Cabana Sam's to spend the day, watch the weigh-in, have some dinner or a few drinks, and enjoy the sunset.

Cabana Sam's Sunset Bay Grill
  • 1028 South Shore Dr.
  • Irving, NY 14081