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Sunset Tasting and Starry, Starry Night: Stargazing at Thorpe Vineyard


Stargazing and learning stars and constellations with Eastern and Western mythologies. Extended tasting room hours. Wine will be available for purchase during this event. Hours are as follows: August 17th: Sunset Tasting 6pm-8:40pm; Starry,Starry Night 8:40pm-10:10pm August 31st: Sunset Tasting 6pm-8:15pm; Starry, Starry Night 8:15pm-9:45pm September 21st: Sunset Tasting 6pm-7:40pm; Starry, Starry Night 7:40-9:10pm September 28th: Sunset Tasting6pm-7:30pm; Starry, Starry Night 7:30pm-9pm

Thorpe Vineyard
  • 8150 Chimney Heights Blvd
  • Wolcott, NY 14590