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TAP® New York at Hunter Mountain


TAP® New York started out 22 years ago with a couple hundred beer fanatics and a handful of craft brewers at the prestigious. Held annually at the end of April and praised as the state's largest craft beer festival as well as the largest single-state craft beer event in the nation, TAP New York features hundreds of beers from over 120 breweries throughout New York State.  Prizes are awarded for the Best Craft Brewery in New York State (Greene County's own Crossroads Brewing Co. was awarded a bronze medal in 2015!) as well as Best Craft Brewery in the Hudson Valley.  There's more than beer - spend your visit sampling amazing food pairings that only make the beer taste better.  Get early admission, VIP parking and your own selection of special craft beers and more.  TAP New York is the perfect place to choose your new favorite beverage. Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, and has grown into the largest craft beer and food event in New York State.

Hunter Mountain
  • 64 Klein Avenue
  • Hunter, NY 12442