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Tellington TTouch - Dog Clinic

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  • Wendy Fast & Frances Smith will host a Tellington TTouch dog clinic at Mountain Horse Farm. The Tellington TTouch method is a gentle and respectful training method honoring body, mind and spirit. The Tellington Ttouch method uses circular touches & lifts. But just as importantly, it will make you aware of the "idea" you hold in your head about your dog. The "idea" that you hold within, the picture you have in your mind, has a great deal to do with how he ultimately behaves. As Linda Tellington likes to say: "Change your mind, change your dog. The gentle bodywork consisting of circular touches, slides and lifts in combination with respectful behavior training gives you the tools to:? influence your dog's behavior while enhancing your relationship reduce stress, overcome anxiety and increase focus assist in recovery from injury or illness relieve discomfort in cases of aging, arthritis and hip dysplasia solve behavior problems such as leash pulling, excessive barking and fear of thunder teach your dog to have his mouth handled and his toenails clipped Our inspiring workshop offers an in depth learning experience. It teaches the basic TTouch methods, while focusing on the issues of the individual animals that are attending. Each workshop is therefore a unique learning venue, for both the animals and the people. A fun and amazing 2 day event at Mountain Horse Farm. Includes hands on training by Wendy & Frances, 3 overnight stays in a beautiful room or tipi, all meals and evening bonfires.

Mountain Horse Farm
  • 7520 West Hollow Road
  • Naples, NY 14512