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That's "Erie" Entertainment!


Boats on the Erie and its lateral canals did more than just move freight and people. Specialty canal boats carried everything from books and circuses to theater companies--and these boats brought entertainment to canal boatmen and their families, as well as the townspeople along the corridor. Come to the Canal Boat Museum for a weekend of "Erie Entertainment"! See exhibits on circus boats--from Dan Rice to Sig Sautelle. Visit our walk-in Laker Boat exhibit and learn about floating library boats on the canals. Meet first-person interpreters dressed as canal travelers from the past, like Susan B. Anthony, or authors, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mark Twain, or Charles Dickens. Hear book readings by modern-day authors. Experience the fun of a Theater Boat and an original play. You may encounter a clairvoyant or a spiritualist or join us later for a Paranormal Investigation. On site: Food truck, vendors, artists, blacksmith demonstrations, musicians & singers, jugglers, magicians, dancers and other entertainers, and a petting zoo.