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The Harriet Tubman Troupe Presents: The Gathering Place


In life, there are moments and people that show up and change the course of your life forever. The women on Gathering Street understand this notion very well as Ms. Paulette, a longtime resident of the building, provided many of the Black female residents a listening ear and an open heart. Ms. Paulette’s wisdom and encouragement pushes these women to grab hold of their lives even when they seem at their weakest points. When Ms. Paulette passes, these women realize that there was something they did not know about their mysterious neighbor. Come to A Gatherin’ Place and see how Ms. Paulette helped these women navigate motherhood, career decisions, love, and self worth. This original work is written & performed by The Harriet Tubman Troupe. Q&A to follow each performance with Director Juhanna Rogers & the entire cast.

Auburn Public Theater
  • 8 Exchange Street
  • Auburn, NY 13021