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The Music of Sho Kuon


Featuring pieces for piano, violin, voice, koto, erhu and shakuhachi, pianist Sho Kuon brings a new musical perspective to the stage through eclectic instrumental arrangements and different performative approaches. Kuon plays with various musical colors, textures, and tones that highlight the playful side of the all-Sho Kuon program. Performers: Sho Kuon - Piano, Andy Lin - Erhu, Yuko Tsuda- Soprano, Edward W. Hardy - Violin, Yoshiaki Okawa - Koto, Greg Pattillo - Flute, Seizan Fukuda - Shakuhachi, Lee Eika - Vocals, Raphael Torn - Percussion, and the Japan Choral Harmony.

Carnegie Hall
  • 57th St. and Seventh Ave.
  • Manhattan, NY 10019