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The Pets of Cherry Hill

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  • Participants are invited to travel back to over 100 years ago, to the time of the “Bunnie Kingdom” at this FREE event. The last generation of children to live at Cherry Hill, the Rankin children created an imaginary world starring their pets, who lived first in a “Kingdom,” then a “Republic,” and finally a “Society.” The “Bunnie Papers” collection, lovingly gathered and named by Cherry Hill matriarch Catherine Rankin, immortalizes her children’s pet keeping hobby and their fascinating agricultural club.  

    Visitors will have the opportunity to view objects related to the tradition of pet keeping, and learn about how the Rankins fit into the broader scheme of Victorian pet-keeping and 20th century pets in America in guided house tours. Families will view live animals and enjoy crafts and games, including an outdoor scavenger hunt based on hand-drawn maps in the collection. 

    The event will be held rain or shine at Historic Cherry Hill, 523½ South Pearl Street, Albany. For further information, call the museum at 518-434-4791 or e-mail

Historic Cherry Hill
  • 523 South Pearl Street
  • Albany, NY 12202