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Valentown Museum’s Historic Collection

  • Dates: May 7, 2020
  • Location: Valentown Museum
  • Address: 267 High Street, Victor, NY 14564
  • Phone: (585) 924-0202
  • Time: 7:00 PM
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The 2020 Historic Advisory Committee Speaker Series is here. David Mitchell and Kathryn White from the Victor Historical Society will cover “Valentown Museum’s Historic Collection." Valentown Museum (originally called Valentown Hall) is on the National Historic Register and is just one in a cluster of historic 19th-century buildings at 14-acre Valentown Square. In 1879, Levi and Alanson Valentine constructed the four-story shopping plaza and community center (complete with underground parking) on a busy crossroads homestead owned by their grandfather, Ichabod Town, hoping the property would be a stop on the Pittsburgh, Shawmut, and Northern Railroad. The landmark building is a rare example of 19th-century architecture and has remained almost unaltered since its original construction. The inside remains much as it was when originally built: a general store, meeting room, bakery, harness shop, cobbler's shop, music school, display cases filled with early flags and military items, a Grange meeting room, railroad/trolley/telegraph office, ticket office, and Grand Ballroom. Valentown is an intriguing Historical Museum containing literally thousands of artifacts, objects, and heirlooms that represent the local 19th-century history of the Victor and Rochester, New York area.