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Valeria Divinorum's Locus Amoenus: Into the 4th Dimension


As part of the Social Sculpture Project, a series of installations by a collective of early career designers and artists curated by Artist-in-Residence Mimi Lien and Itohan Edoloyi across the Lincoln Center campus that examine how cultural spaces perpetuate spatial inequity and how power structures are manifested in physical spaces. In the Allegory of the Cave, Plato refers to human perception through cinematic projections of animated shadows onto a wall. Valeria Divinorum's work updates this idea using glass, a material that does not retain the light that passes through it; rather, it drags its colors and shapes. This is how we witness a changing spectacle such as a sunset, an eclipse or the formation of a rainbow. “A major theme in my work is the human connection with nature and the organic expressions that emerge from that relationship”, according to Divinorum. Admission is free, tickets are not required.

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.
  • 70 Lincoln Center Plaza
  • Manhattan, NY 10023