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Visit the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse


Completed in 1874, the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse stood as a beacon between the towns of Athens and Hudson, positioned in the middle of the Hudson River. The Hudson River served as an important waterway for trade and commerce, connecting with the Erie Canal from the west. Even after 150 years, the lighthouse still serves as a beacon to ships on the Hudson River, being the last lighthouse at the north end of the river. While there used to be 14 lighthouses on the river, neglect and lack of funds have reduced that number to only 7 remaining. The Hudson-Athens Lighthouse Preservation Society (HALPS) took over the lighthouse in 1982, inheriting its deteriorating structure. Through time and devotion, the lighthouse was restored close to its former beauty. Today, HALPS continues to care for the lighthouse, welcoming visitors, sharing its rich maritime history, and raising funds to ensure the light shines forever. Their mission is to connect the lighthouse to the community by sponsoring educational school trips, providing guided historical tours to the general public, preserving the lighthouse for future generations, and raising funds for underwater repair and restoration.  The lighthouse was also chosen by NY Preservation League as one of the Seven to Save historical sites. On October 12, the tour departs from Athens at 10 am, 11 am and 12:00 pm. Ticket information can be found on our site. 

Hudson Athens Lighthouse Tours
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