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Waxing Poetic Opening

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  • To Wax Poetic is to grow more expansive or expressive lyrically. Growth and transformation is inherent in the verb to wax, and within the creative or poetic process itself. Each of the six New York based artists in this exhibition has created a symbolic language, or aesthetic, using encaustic paint. Encaustic is the ancient medium of beeswax, resin and pigment, applied while molten. The medium is highly adaptable and each artist has works selected to show the possibilities of the medium and the breadth of their vision.

    Cecile Chong builds up multiple smooth layers of clear/natural wax and transparent colors to create ambiguous landscape spaces. She inhabits them with diminutive figures finely etched into the wax - a woman in traditional Asian garb and a western child in 1940’s style outfit. Her “work address ideas of cultural interaction and interpretation.” She “is interested in how we acquire and share culture, and how world cultures overlap.”

Pelham Art Center
  • 155 Fifth Avenue
  • Pelham, NY 10803