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Who Were They? Who Are You? Clothing and Accessories as Clues: A Fashion Symposium


The symposium will be held at the Penn Yan United Methodist Church on June 15 at 11:00 am. Price per person is $25, which includes two lectures and light lunch. Stephanie Olsen will present We Are What We Wear: How clothing choices - color, style, patterns, and much more - can reflect aspects of our ethnic backgrounds, social status, political beliefs, and in particular, our individual psychological mindsets. This session will look at how our clothing choices show how we feel about ourselves AND how what we wear influences our relationships with those around us. Tricia Noel will present Dress to Impress: How to identify clothing and accessories from different time periods and what shaped fashion trends in the past. *Pre-Registration is required.* Call (315) 536.7318 or stop by 107 Chapel Street in Penn Yan to register.

Yates County History Center
  • 107 Chapel St
  • Penn Yan, NY 14527