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Wilderness Survival Training


Hosted by Dirt Road Camp and Northcamp Survival School, during this program we will discuss survival mindset and psychology, including defining the rules of 3: A person can live for 3 minutes without breathing or with severe bleeding. 3 hours without treatment from hypothermia or heat stroke. 3 days without water. 3 weeks without food. The rules of 3 determine SURVIVAL PRIORITIES. Your experienced instructor will teach, demonstrate and be HANDS-ON with priorities: FIRST AID – SHELTER- FIRE- WATER- SIGNALING- FOOD, All gear and teaching aids will be provided during this course. Afterwards, Dirt Road Camp is hosting a chicken barbecue with music, beer, and a tour of the mountain. Should you sign up for this survival skills course, we highly suggest booking a site at our camp in advance, as space is limited.

Dirt Road Camp
  • 487 Dirt Rd
  • Delancey, NY 13753