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Without Flowers, there would be no us


“Without Flowers, there would be no us” is a series of works on paper that pays tribute to adjusting oneself to new spaces by Madeline Bartley. Viewers will encounter hand printed artworks on paper and fabrics that integrate watercolor drawings, embroidery and collage. Highlighting place-making with botanical elements with a background saturated in colors and assorted stencils. Bartley’s recent works on paper reflect on events and their lasting emotional effect that showcase local environments and dream-like scenes. Even though structures may begin strong, its foundation inevitably weakens over time. The same concern can be applied to botanicals, their existence depends on the health of a supportive environment. Ultimately, this body of work is about a relationship with maintenance within a landscape that prohibits the possibility of permanence.

Buffalo Botanical Gardens
  • 2655 South Park Avenue
  • Buffalo, NY 14218