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Woodstock Museum Tours and Documentary Series


The Woodstock Museum is open for tours Saturday & Sunday 12-4 PM.

WISDOM FOR THE FUTURE: The Haudenosaunee aka Iroquois tell us what is needed to prevent extinction. Natural law prevails.
PRINCIPLES OF THE PEACEMAKER: Chief Jake Swamp opens Woodstock’s 25th Anniversary Festival with a traditional GIVING OF THANKS.The Iroquois originally thought the whites would become like them.They were disappointed that white men stood for God, Glory & Gold.
IROQUOIS GOVERNMENT: Comparing Greece and Magna Carta to the Iroquois contributions.
BOSTON TEA & SOVEREIGNTY: White men dressed as Mohawks protest “taxation without representation”.Explains the symbol of the “great tree of peace”.
CONSTITUTIONAL PARADOX: Abigail Adams & Women’s Equality.White America declared manifest destiny.
DEMOCRACY & COMMUNISM: Iroquois Great Law of Peace, a model of Communism & Democracy. UNITING OF NATIONS: Honoring Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper, is honored at the United Nations. Includes Oren’s powerful oration.

Woodstock Museum
  • 13 Bach Road
  • Saugerties, NY 12477