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World Music Institute Presents: Saraswathi Ranganathan


Born into a musical family, Saraswathi Ranganathan is an Indian classical veena artist and cross-cultural music ambassador. The veena is a precursor to the sitar used in southern Indian classical (carnatic) music, known for its bass mellow tone. She is the first Asian female veena artist to win the Chicago Music Awards in 2018. Saraswathi is passionate about bringing the sounds of the veena to audiences in a variety of ways including concerts, cross-genre collaborations, lecture-demonstrations, and through other educational outlets including her non-profit school Ensemble of Ragas. Sara believes that her goal of 'one-stage, one-music, one-community' can be achieved through artistically enriching collaborations using carnatic music as the medium.

Storm King Art Center
  • 1 Museum Road
  • New Windsor, NY 12553