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  • Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally

    Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally

Event Submission Criteria

Want to have your event listed on I Love New York? Check the criteria below before submitting.

First, search our event listings to see if your event is already included. If the event is already listed, and needs to be updated, please email with the changes.

Any Tourism Event to be considered for inclusion must currently serve more than their local market, drawing visitors from outside a 50 mile radius of the site on a regular basis, and encouraging overnight stays in the area.  Please note that event approvals can take up to 10 business days.

Tourism Events are defined as:

  • A site/location that visitors can access and expect to have a safe, fun, interesting, and/or educational experience

  • Must be legally operated according to NYS tax, health and local city codes, laws and regulations 

  • The event should be able to draw visitors on its own merit from outside of a 50 mile radius of its location (exclusion applied for 50 mile radius for NYC properties) 

  • Should encourage 25% of attendees to obtain an overnight stay in the vicinity - the event should not be geared mainly towards local residents

  • Non-visitor events including the following will not be listed: trade shows; local commercial retail sales/promotions; fundraisers for community or charity organizations; food/drink specials at local establishments; primarily academic events such as conferences/symposiums, award ceremonies, gala's; and individual events within an already listed event

  • NYS Division of Tourism has the right to deny any event they deemed inappropriate. Priority will be given to events with high visitor appeal and those that best present a compelling reason to travel to New York State

Event Categories:


Types: Events with animal activities such as shows; fairs & festivals

Art & Culture

Types: Performing arts; cultural; art exhibits; film; music


Types: Lecture series; one time classes/workshops

Craft Beverages

Types: Beer, wine, spirit events

Consumer Expos/Shows/Sales

Types: Arts/crafts; collecting; general; home; military; sportsman - hunting/fishing; antiques

Fairs & Festivals

Types: Arts & crafts; county/state; renaissance

Family Fun

Types: Family friendly events; fun for kids

Health & Wellness

Types: Marathons; hikes; biking; walks


Types: Local history; historic house tours; reenactments

Holidays & Parades

Types: Events celebrating holidays throughout the year and parades


Types: Events geared and promoted to draw visitors from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender communities

Local Food & Drink

Types: Cooking; farm visits; breweries; cider & apples; farm markets;  maple products; spirits and wineries; food and drink festivals


Types: Walks; tours; non-domestic animal viewings; and gardens


Types: Sports you can participate; marathons; bike racing


Types: Sports you watch; baseball; hockey; rodeos


Types: Driving; trains; walking; motorcoach; trolley; house


If your event meets our criteria, click here to submit.

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