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Antique Wireless Museum

  • 6925 Route 5
  • Bloomfield, NY 14469
  • (585) 257-5119
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The Antique Wireless Museum houses a world-class collection, including an exact replica of the Titanic's wireless room, the world's first cellphone, the Voice of America Delano CA station control room and 250,000 watt transmitter, and much, much more. Experience 200 years of communication history. See and walk through the Voice of America Station Control Room and 250,000 Watt Transmitter from Delano, California. See the first cell phone (cell phone number 1), the first transistor radio ever made, the Titanic Radio Exhibit, see and hear the thunder of a working 1000 Watt spark transmitter, the first television in Rochester (1927), the Western Union Museum Exhibit, walk into a 1925 radio store, and much, much more. Kids and teens admitted free.