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Chez Nous


A Chefs villa; Chez Nous “Our food can be described as casual dining with upscale influences” We will serve children, families, working class folks, politicians, and cater to dignitaries as they did a century ago in a chef's countryside French villa. We Feature in house fresh aged beef, smoked meats, chops and ribs. Fresh picked herbs, & vegetables, when available. Creating our own soups, pastas, and raviolis. We have our own family sourdough culture featuring white, wheat, rye breads & rolls. Finish your meal with fresh pastries and desserts. We are a scratch kitchen and strongly believe in all our own processing when possible, to keep our prices as affordable as possibly. Nicholsfoodservices llc is a generational food service company that the founding member incorporated the family in 2015. Existing members have been serving the capital region for over four decades. The founding member of Nicholsfoodservices llc was classically trained by Chef Hans Neumann. Chef Hans was trained in the Frankfurt Culinary Institute of Germany. Hans cooked for many European dignitaries including the royal family of Sweden, the Reagan and H.W. Bush administrations when moving to united states with the Adams Mark Hotel. Therefore, we have a deep root in European cookery with American influences and accents ranging from the northeast to Tennessee, North Carolina, Texas and New Orleans”.