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Corn Hill Navigation Waterfront Center/Riverie Cruises


Riverie is the first boat to offer cruises on the Genesee River in downtown Rochester since 2013. Online cruise booking is open now at CornHillNav.org. The 40-passenger Riverie, whose name incorporates River and Erie (Canal), offers a wide spectrum of entertainment options for families, businesses, and organizations, as well as on-the-water, STEEM-based experiential learning opportunities for thousands of students annually. It is available for private charters and themed cruises, including Live Music Sunset, 4th of July, Bike and Boat, Pizza, Lock 33 trips, Citizen Science, Full Moon, and more• Cruises range from $30 to $45 per adult and can be booked online now at cornhillnav.org/riverie• Discounts for seniors, students, and children under 13 years are available • Educational charters are custom designed and start at $525• Private charters are also available. Rates vary. For information on charters, contact Corn Hill Navigation at (585) 662-5748 or email info@cornhillnav.org. Riverie is the second vessel operated by Corn Hill Navigation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the appreciation, improvement, and sustainability of the Erie Canal and Genesee River since 1991.