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Escape LG ~ Unlock Your Adventure

  • 14 Beach Road
  • Lake George, NY 12845
  • (518) 668-2900
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Escape Rooms - Codes - Clues - Ciphers ~ you have 60 minutes are you ready? An interactive adventure escape game you must experience. Challenge yourself using codes, clues and ciphers to unlock the secrets of the room. Bring your family, your closest friends, and favorite co-workers - be transported to 1930 to the Lost Jewel of Zanzibar, Africa; the Lucky Duck Speakeasy of 1925; Blackbeard's Brig, and What Happened in Raven Woods? (please note, ages 13 and older for this room). You will use logic, problem-solving skills, patience and you'll want to try to unlock the secrets of all four rooms - each is unique.