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Horizon Theatre Rep., Inc.


Horizon Theatre Rep was created to produce theatre from the international repertory. We aim to give emerging artists the opportunity to take risks, to excel and to make their mark. Horizon Theatre Rep endeavors to find a contemporary idiom to tell early and mid-20th century stories and to bridge the generation gap. The Company is grounded in New York City. We aim to reflect the city, and to bring the diversity of its peoples, ideas and points of view to our productions. Our goal is to make these plays relevant and accessible to the ethnically and culturally diverse world that is New York City now. We want to reflect on stage what we see and hear in the streets of New York in 2013. For example: In 2000, New York City had 2.9 million foreign-born residents, the largest number in its history. These immigrants have come from a multitude of nations that is unmatched by any other city. Our Company is committed to reflecting facts like those, when putting together our productions.


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