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Meat + Bread


A restaurant established in January of 2021, Meat & Bread strives to provide customers with unique, contemporary comfort food. The founders of Meat & Bread have deep roots in the Lower East Side community they serve. Growing up as children of immigrants in the streets of the Lower East Side during the 1980s, they view their venture as a nostalgic journey back home.


Accessible Amenities

Blind/Low Vision
  • Blind/Low Vision Accommodations:
  • Staff Orientation to Venue: Yes
Cognitive/Autism Spectrum
  • Cognitive/Autism Spectrum Accommodations:
  • Staff Orientation to Venue: Yes
Deaf and/or Hearing Loss
  • Deaf and/or Hearing Loss Accommodations:
  • Accessible Amenities:
  • Unisex/Companion Bathroom: Yes
  • Staff Menu Assistance: Yes
Mobility/Wheelchair Access
  • Mobility/Wheelchair Access Accommodations:
  • Accessible Bathroom in Common Areas: Yes
  • Accessible Bathroom: Yes
  • Outdoor Accessible Seating: Yes
  • Accessible Outdoor Tables: Yes
  • Indoor Accessible Seating: Yes
  • Accessible Dining Tables: Yes