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Medicine Show Theatre Ensemble


Medicine Show's mission is to find & work with the very best artists money can't buy; create new works & new approaches to classic theatre; inspire (& entertain) audiences, leading them into new ways of thinking. We are a Company of diverse professional theatre artists. We make & present works that experiment with language, music, movement, form, ideas. We blend the strengths of theatre tradition with innovation & inspired play. We choose works to delight the mind, honor creativity, confound empty convention, & encourage active compassion. Our work is always collaborative; we develop original group creations & collage pieces with living writers & composers; we also do occasional scripted pieces & neglected or “lost” American musicals. Almost all are comedies, generally within a socio-political framework. We have an idiosyncratic approach to theatre which many people have told us is difficult to describe but is immediately recognizable.


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