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New York Neo-Futurists


The New York Neo-Futurists are a collective of writer/performer/directors who create: * Theater that is fusion of sport, poetry and living newspaper. * Non-illusory, interactive performance that conveys our experiences and ideas as directly and honestly as possible. * Immediate, irreproducible events at affordable prices. As a group we are dedicated to: * Practicing a form of theater that presents our lives and our ideas as directly as possible. All of our plays are set on the stage in front of the audience. All of our characters are ourselves. All of our stories really happened. * Embracing the moment through audience interaction and planned obsolescence. To keep ourselves as alive on stage as possible, we interweave elements of chance and change - contradicting the expected and eliminating the permanent. * Presenting inexpensive art for the general public. We seek to reach those unmoved by conventional theater, inspiring them to thought, feeling and action.


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