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The Red Fern Theatre Company, Inc.


The Red Fern Theatre Company (RFTC) is a theatre company in Manhattan that provokes social awareness and change through developing and producing socially conscious plays. Each play produced addresses social issues that range in scope from local to global. The RFTC pairs each of its productions with a philanthropy whose work relates to the themes in the play. The philanthropic organization is encouraged to be a part of the development process with the artists in order to produce a more authentic, realistic view of the issue. The RFTC provides its audiences with information on the organization, and a portion of the ticket sales from each play produced is donated to them. By associating each production with a philanthropic organization, the RFTC is able to respond directly to the people affected by the issues addressed in the play. It also gives our artists a resource for material, and our audiences a vehicle to create change in their community.


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