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Young Jean Lee's Theater Company, Inc.


Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company (YJLTC) is an experimental theater company that has been growing rapidly since 2003 (officially incorporated in 2007). Our mission is to create and produce performances that are written and directed by Young Jean Lee in collaboration with company members from diverse backgrounds. Our work deals with major issues in unpredictable and complicated ways that stick in people’s minds and challenge them to think rather than reaffirming their pre-existing beliefs. We are unique in that, despite our focus on political and experimental theater, the impact of our work extends far beyond the marginalized “downtown” presence that such work is typically limited to. Rather than making alienating experiments in a vacuum and then complaining that nobody wants them, we have actively set about changing the artistically conservative, predominately-white-and-middle class face of New York theater, one sold-out show at a time.


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